Is the law outdated?

The laws for the inheritance of property is completely out of date for today’s times.  However, I understand the need for such laws as people are greedy idiots.  In this case, a lesbian, Gina, is threatened with the loss of her house because her partner, Michelle, died suddenly.  In the law, a legal spouse is the first in line to get whatever property has been left behind by the deceased.  As you all know, Texas does not allow gay marriage or any semblance thereof making it impossible for Gina to become the legal heir of Michelle’s property.  Now, though the house and belongings were purchased jointly, Michelle’s family is trying to take claim to the house.  Unfortunately, due to the laws this is not looking good for Gina.

Though there was a possibility this could have been sorted out with a will, I find this to be an unfortunate consequence of our fear of homosexuality.  As a gay man, I find that even if we, as a society, oppose homosexual marriage, we need SOMETHING to protect us from this kind of thing. While everyone wages war over the morality of homosexuality, people are losing their loved ones and then being forced to possibly lose their homes because homosexuality is “wrong” and we can’t just protect people’s rights!

Gina and Michelle had been together 23 years and the house should stay Gina’s.

From Dennis Coleman posted as a comment on the link above:

Lambda Legal has the perfect toolkit “Take The Power” that outlines what documents you need. Lambda Legal also conducts seminars for LGBT Couples and Individuals on protecting your assets. Please contact Lambda Legal at 214-219-8585 for the “Take The Power” Toolkit or visit Lambda Legal at