Canadian Women’s Hockey Team vs. IOC?

The Canadian female hockey team recently celebrated their win of the Gold medal by celebrating in the ice rink with libations, cigars and more.  Photographs were taken and now the IOC is very upset… (freaking out as I might say in day to day conversation).

Personally, while I don’t necessarily approve or disapprove of their actions, I think the IOC should get off it’s high horse and let the girls have fun!  There was one underage (from my understanding and the article) there according to Canadian law, where the drinking age is only 19.  Personally, I think the girls should be cut some slack.  They just won a GOLD MEDAL which is a huge honour in their home country and decided to celebrate with champaign, beer and cigars. Is that so bad? No. it isnt. But the IOC is clearly concerned it will reflect poorly on them.  If anyone has a problem with it, it would only be with the girls, not the IOC.  The IOC is not intended to micromanage their athletes from around the world.  If anything should happen it should be the responsibility of the Canadian government to punish these clearly unruly and terrible celebrators! THE NERVE! To celebrate a gold medal.  How dare they bring shame to Canada by winning a Gold medal in women’s hockey on home turf.  Unthinkable!

Personally, I approve of the Women’s victory.  They played the best, they deserved the Gold in this case and they should be allowed to celebrate. I cannot stress enough the fact that they won on their home turf.  Such an honour and an amazing thing.  Bravo girls! Best celebration for the gold I’ve seen, for sure and a well deserved celebration at that! ROCK ON!