Day of Silence

Forgive me if I am bitter or angry but I basically don’t see this “Day of Silence” changing anything.  I totally understand the idea behind it and I don’t disagree, however I think it is the wrong way to go about it.  It is a platform for LGBT youth to be irritating to others and I feel like it will alienate people from us when we are already awkward to many people.  Not talking in class or to friends to prove a point won’t help the matter.  How can being silent “break the silence?”  Peaceful protest is great idea but this is too damn peaceful.  Sitting around and a bunch of young folk being silent won’t change anything!

Perhaps it is because I am in to radio but I find that silence is NOT that helpful.  While a silence on the radio could be useful, would you just broadcast dead air all day on a radio station to prove a point? No, of course you wouldn’t. That would be a waste of money and would make people change the station!  That wouldn’t be productive at all.  The only use that would have is to show what would happen if you don’t pledge to KNON.

Was everyone silent on the march on Washington?  No.  Was Martin Luther King silent? No.  Change doesn’t happen from taking a back seat stance.  We need to tell people what is going on and we need to tell people how we feel.  Voice is a gift. Animals all of all kinds communicate with their “voice” and sounds.

Again, I understand the purpose and I respect those who choose to do it.  Don’t get me wrong, protest and create change in your own way. Personally, I choose to take an active role in change and tell the world what the idea is.  You certainly don’t see the insane Christians staying silent to protest homosexuality.  I’m gay and I’m proud to be gay.  I just think this is the wrong way to go about instigating change.

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