Dear Dell

You suck.  You are a travesty to the computer world.  While you used to be good and have clearly done well at some point, you now are shit.  My parents Dell has lasted about 6-7 years now and it is still going strong.  My Dell Laptop (Studio 15) is terrible.   It is a year old and is falling apart.  The screen is messed up.  The bezel and plastic is freaking out.  I find this to be unacceptable.  Their support system is terrible.  Whether online, email, or via phone it is terrible.  My warranty is out now and there is nothing I can do to rectify their shitty device they have sold me.

I miss my mac.  I want a new MacBook Pro.  I am poor however so I resort to bitching and blogging about things that are aversive to me.  Hopefully I can purchase one at TCU this summer, and maybe a new desktop as well… well a “new” old desktop :).  We will see, I suppose.