Malawi Gays

I can understand why people find homosexuality “unnatural” and I can understand their fears, however as a global community we REALLY need to get ourselves together and start educating the world of this sort of thing.  Homosexuality ISN’T unnatural.  There have been studies and observations of homosexual behaviour in the animal kingdom other than humans.  It saddens me that countries around the world can treat their citizens in a manner such as this.  Has anyone stopped to consider that the people are the REASON there are countries and the reason that there are governments?  The governments job may be to protect people but not to uphold “morals.”  Many African nations have these laws against homosexuality and it is sickening.  I just wish the humans of this world would get over themselves and start treating each other with respect and love as all of these religions supposedly preach!

Short blog post since it is 5AM 😛