So excited

I am so excited for school. Also afraid but moving out will be EPIC! 

Mom is doing better and is at home.  She still needs some care though that I am happy to provide! I love to take her out and hang out with her… Most people don’t really wanna hang out with their mothers but mine is so awesome!  She is going to have to do dialysis for the rest of her life or until she gets a transplant.  She is filling out the paperwork for that as we speak.

Something I am not excited about: Outlook 2010. 2007 was better :(

Something I am excited about: MASS EFFECT! I can’t believe I beat it so fast.  Now I have to go get Mass Effect 2.

Mom’s iPhone came in the mail today so I am going to help her set it up.  How exciting for that too! I know she is very excited about it for sure.  Her blackberry has started to suck a lot :)