Lambda Weekly, NTX Polka and KNON

You know what is sad? I am not going to have a car for at least a bit after the start of the school year.  This means I am going to have to stop interning at KNON :(.  I’ll still be able to do some website work for Lambda Weekly as I usually do but I still love hanging out in the studio and such.  It is very fun!  I hope that sometime soon there will be a way for me to get a car at a reasonable price.  Curses being poor and having debts and such!

My parents house is falling apart so they are going to have to spend close to 25k to get it repaired and new siding and such.  They also will help me with my tuition and such. I am going to have a job on campus starting in September so I will have some money that I am earning myself as well as the money for the rent.  I am super excited about that though!

I am taking my parents to my new place of living tomorrow (today I guess? Sunday.) to show them where I’ll be living and they can meet my roommate! They seem to be excited about that as well so yay to that!

Anyway, for now I suppose I am done writing.  I am mildly tired and there is SecondCat trying to get me to play with her… which is weird because she is usually very solitary and alone.  Silly cats.