Edge Brownies

I finally got around to baking brownies with that brownie pan where each piece has at least 2 edges.  As you may recall from one of my previous posts, my awesome roommate Brittany gave me the pan for Christmas!  Anyway, the first batch was fairly bad because the box of mix wasn’t large enough to fill the pan so some cooked too much, others not enough. The second time however, I purchased a massive box of brownie mix that is supposed to make 6 dozen.  Inside, it had 4 bags so I chose to make just one of the bags and it worked perfectly! Now I have 2 more bags of brownie mix to use whenever I so desire!

Definitely the simple things that keep me happy. :)

It is great news that school is almost over!  One more week of classes left and then finals.  We have this coming Friday off as some sort of “reading day”… As if anyone ACTUALLY reads on that day… ok well some people do. Whatever.  Anyway, the best news is that after these next 2 weeks, I begin my Japanese class and then on June 8th depart for Japan.  I don’t know if I could get more excited (or worried) about this trip however even though people keep telling me not to worry!