Ke$ha and LMFAO

They were both awesome!  However, they were both rushed and it was a tiny bit disappointing.

LMFAO was a little bit more relaxed and they gave us shuffling lessons.  They seemed pretty cool and we were given a pre-signed picture by them.  The station took our pictures but we were allowed to take our own of them, just not of us (if that makes sense…)

Ke$ha on the other hand was extremely rushed, they yelled at you if you had your phone out or a personal camera.  They were total jerks.  Ke$ha seemed very nice though, so I have this feeling that its possible the managers and guards are the dicks in this situation.  We were not allowed to really talk to her much and the station took pictures.  We were super rushed and not even allowed to set our bags down.  She did not sign anything either.  She did, however, smell amazingly good 😛

Personally, I believe that it may be a combination of the managers, record labels and her that cause the rushed feeling and the whole “OMG NO PERSONAL CAMERA” things.  It is kind of annoying but there is nothing I can do about it.  I sometimes wonder if she appreciates being treated like a circus freak though.  We don’t even have a chance to talk to her and just gawk basically.  Maybe she would like to have time to say more than “hi” and “enjoy the show”? Unfortunately, I’ll never know the answer to that unless I get some scary letter from the record labels or she reads this and comes to talk… both of which are not likely 😉

All in all, however, it was very very fun and I at least got a picture with her and LMFAO! Can’t complain there, for sure!  The concert was amazing and very active and “$leazy” ;).  I really enjoyed it and she definitely puts on a great show!