Legacy Update: The Next Generation

Unfortunately, Cason and his wife Candy passed on. They were good providers, but they were not able to complete any aspirations or gain any full skill. They tried their best yet they will not contribute too many points to the final score of their household. Their remains are kept on the dresser for now, because why not?

Cason and Candy's Urns Cason and Candy’s Urns

This means that the legacy is now Edgar’s. He has become a scientist and is doing quite well in his career. He has married a man and adopted a lovely daughter named Joyce. For now Joyce is the heir, however if a male is adopted (or born in some startling turn of events), he would be the heir as those are my chosen rules.

Edgar Woodward Edgar Woodward

Joyce has received the artistic aspiration and also seems to be a klepto. I guess we will see how that goes. A young klepto girl terrorizing the Sims neighborhood!

Joyce Woodward Joyce Woodward