Mass Media Extra Credit

Paul Levinson is a “media expert” and in this video he discussed new media influences. He discusses his books and McLuhan.  McLuhan was famous for his statement “the medium is the message” and his critical views of television.  Levinson also discussed the new media of the internet and the ability to get students involved in the media.  The internet is a fascinating medium as it allows an insane amount of information at our fingertips. We carry our cell phones with us everywhere and can get texts, emails or even the internet.  Every one of us can send or receive information no matter where we are or what we are doing.  The “new media” has provided instant contact for teachers and students as well.  I find this irritating because now we can get assignments before school even starts! Seriously not cool.

Another problem with this is the great possibility of misinformation.  With anyone able to put up whatever sorts of pictures or information that they wish, there can and will be information that is not correct.  I could claim to be whomever I wish on the internet, which happens!  The problem is, many people cannot discern the difference between truth and fiction.

Levinson also mentioned that there is no such thing as “too much” information.  The problem lies in too little information.  The more information you have, you are able to help discern the truth from the fake nonsense that people publish.  If AP, CNN, Reuters, Fox News, etc. All publish the same news and then you read with different information, you are bound to be skeptical of .  Levinson claims that this is the reason Wikipedia works.  Even though there is plenty of "wrong" information, it is constantly being updated and reviewed by others so there is more of a chance that it will be correct.  When you are able to get the masses involved in communication and information, it is a double edged sword.  You will have idiots who try to publish crap but you will also have smarter people or even brilliant people who try to correct the others mistakes.  As with anything in this world, there are always good and bad parts to everything we invent.  However, society as a whole usually tries to do the correct thing and as such we get good blogs, wiki edits, and good information and we can help sift through the nonsense!