Students are anti-gay?

We here so much about the prom debacle in Mississippi where the school cancelled the prom simply because a lesbian wanted to bring her girlfriend and wear a tux. Here, in Cochran, Georgia, the school officials gave the OK for a gay male student to bring his boyfriend to prom.  This has caused quite an uproar among some students who were demanding their money back because dancing with gay guys was wrong.  Another concern was that the outside world would see Cochran as a gay friendly town (GOD FORBID SUCH A THING!!!).

I think this is completely stupid!  I am quite certain these people don’t think. Why do my “life choices” affect other so much?  The fact that people should be shamed for who they are is a crisis in this world.  Mr. Martin was kicked out of his home because of this.  Students are freaking out and wanting to hold a separate prom.  People say that they are “ok” with him going to prom with a boy, they just shouldn’t have said anything.  Which also makes no sense.  I can only see that ending worse if no one knew he was going to come to the prom with another male.

Why must people be so intolerant of others?  Why are other peoples lives so affected by others choices?  Same sex marriage has been legalized in several states and my parents and millions of other heterosexual couples have managed to stay married through this horrible thing!

In any case, a gay or lesbians life choices should have no bearing on another persons life.  They are unrelated things.