Gay Marriage… Again.

Alright… Blah Blah Blah but here we go again.

Lets start with one fact we can (hopefully) all agree on.  There ARE gays in the military.  A certain fraction of the entire population is gay… a fraction of the population is in the military… therefore a fraction of the military has gay people.

Now, on to the article!  Congress wants to start acting on this issue because of the elections coming up in November.  They are afraid that the democrats will be losing ground and as such could not pass the measure once things are shaken up.

One of the quotes is as follows…

The military needs until the end of 2010 to figure out how to implement the repeal in terms of housing, medical and marriage benefits, as well as issues involving the reinstatement of gay soldiers previously discharged under the policy, the official said.

I would like to know what is relevant about marriage benefits? They can’t get married in most places…. so just say “Hey, if you’re married/unioned/whatever, you can have benefits.  That’s the way it should be don’t you think? As for housing, that is a professional and work environment.  Sexual harassment is still harassment!  Between a man and a woman or a man and a man, it’s harassment.  People in the military should have the respect and professionalism to not be like that!  What the heck?!  Stop treating gays like they are different.  Sexuality shouldn’t be such a big deal! It is only a fraction of who you are as a person!

A major problem might be determining how to reconcile the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” with federal law that defines marriage as between a man a woman, the official added.

Why?! WHY WHY WHY?  ”Gay people can be in the military” and “Gay people can get married” are two completely separate ideas!  Why should it matter what the law says about gay marriage? Just let the gay people join the military already.  It isn’t relevant whether they can get married.

Maybe if we started treating gay people as equals there wouldn’t be a need for gay conferences like Creating Change.  There might not be a need or desire for “Pride parades” and whatnot.  Maybe if we were equal we would just live our lives as we so choose and be citizens of the world.

Perhaps I am being too simply minded about this, however this is one of those issues I think *is* black and white.  Bays all deserve the same rights just like everyone else.  There is simply no excuse for discrimination these days and people need to start accepting that the world IS changing and there ARE deviations from what is deemed “normal.”  It is natural to have non-reproductive members of a population.  It HAS been observed in other species and we should accept this as well.  No one kills the “homosexual” penguins or whatever (lol).  I suppose THEY aren’t destroying marriage as we know it and the world won’t end because of them.

Edit: I also should add that the military gay type is not a flaming guy who feels the need to redo the enemies hair.