So this week was my first few days of class… Thursday and Friday to be exact.

So far I really like them all. I am most excited about Japanese! (日本語!). But I am also most apprehensive about it, for obvious reasons. It’s so different and strange yet so awesome!

I am thinking English will be ok especially since the secondary topic is FOOD! Plus the teacher seems awesome.

Philosophy will be somewhat of a bitch because its abstract, a giant class, and just different to me.

Lastly, Womens Studies should be interesting as well. I am curious as to why study women but also excited. It’s an online class so maybe we can discuss lesbians too! hahaha :). The teacher seems very nice and the online classroom thingy is functional. Much better than TCCs.

I love love love my new place. Love my bed especially! New from Ikea!! haha. Built mainly by my roommate Brittany in fact. :)I also love her dogs and cat. I love animals and its fun and exciting to be around some that are cool. Plus the cat loves me which is ALWAYS good :P… Then again, I am a cat… or so I’m told.

I’m visiting the parents this weekend… which is a tad weird since I only moved Monday night. But mom missed me and I wanted to come home so it shall be good!

I haven’t updated in a while and I guess I don’t have much else to say. Questions? Comments? Leave one at the bottom!