School and Such

I am really liking my Japanese class. I met some really cool girls and some others as well. I am very pleased with my progress in there and I simply MUST do well. I want to learn this language and I have to jump right in I suppose! Luckily my friends are there to push me and motivate me as well. If for no other reason than to make them proud I guess :)… Silly? Perhaps but it works for me and that is the most important thing.

I still dislike my English class. It’s quite a shame actually however it was expected. Philosophy is fun as well and the discussions in class are strange and awesome! Swimming also is fun but quite a workout for 1.5 hours haha!

I got let go from work and it sucks but I guess it is what it is. No reason to trash talk my boss in a public forum but lets just say I don’t believe we got along well and our personalities definitely clashed. I wish her well in finding another employee and I wish myself well in finding another job! hehe :)

Good luck to me!

アレックス (Alex)