Legacy Update: They Finally Have a House

The Woodwards went through a lot in the past day. When the previous post was made, Cason (the founder) had just gotten his first job and was poor as shit (as is the way of the Legacy). Shortly there after, he met

He had nothing. Hell, it took a long time to even get his little sad house built (pictured below)!

sad house

However, he did manage to find a lover, Candy Behr. They married quickly and began to procreate as time was a ticking! I actually messed up this game and played the first bits with the life speed of “fast”. The rules call for playing only on normal speed.

Candy Behr

They ended up having a child, Edgar, who will be their new heir! Isn’t that exciting!

After they had their child, they had enough promotions and raises that they were finally able to get a proper house with decorations and such! It still isn’t a mantion, but at least it has a roof, walls, and decor!

proper house