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It is sad that I am awake at 4:22 AM and can’t sleep. Oh well. Fun night none the less. <3

Edge Brownies

I finally got around to baking brownies with that brownie pan where each piece has at least 2 edges.  As you may recall from one of my previous posts, my awe...

Drag Show

I saw the most amazing drag show performance at S4 in Dallas. The lovely queen started off to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”… Pretty standard performance and al...


I never know what to write about anymore and I’m busy and sad :/… See, I can only think of one line! ブログるのが下手だ。

Spring Break 2011

Spring break (はる休み) was awesome and boring all at once! I got to work a lot at KTCU with my last shifts being tomorrow.  I spent too much time playing games ...