As many people know, my mother passed away last week, 2016-08-17. It was somewhat unexpected. She had been in the hospital for quite some time, but she certainly seemed to be getting better. Her heart ended up stopping in the morning and it took them ~30 minutes to revive her. Once she was revived, they believed her to have severe brain damage. We decided to issue a DNR should her heart stop again. This is absolutely what she wanted and I am 1000% sure of this. Ultimately that night, her heart stopped once more and she passed on. After, they confirmed that she did indeed have brain damage and would never have recovered.

The processing of a loved one’s passing is a fascinating thing. The most arbitrary things will make me cry. The other day, a neighbor brought us a bundt cake (because when someone dies everyone wants to bring a cake, which I love)… I cried at the sight of the bundt cake. Why? Well because Mom and I always loved baking together. We tried to make a bundt cake several times and it always ended in some sort of terrible failure. We always laughed about it and said we would never try again. We always tried again eventually :P.

Another “silly” thing is that I am upset that I never got to tell her of my victory of the oven saga. She had read receipts turned on in Telegram so I know she never read the message, at least didn’t open the app. She would have been so excited over the victory lolol.

My mom had a lot of trouble speaking, so we texted a lot. At least the last words she texted to me were comforting as could be. She texted to me, “You are my hero! I love you bunches!”… I mean really, could it get better than that?